First Baptist School, a ministry of First Baptist Church, exists for the purpose of assisting parents in their God-given responsibility. We want to educate, train, and prepare students for a lifetime of service, commitment, obedience, and love toward God and His will while instilling a biblical worldview and a passion to walk with God.

Mission Statement

The mission of First Baptist School is to have a thoroughly Christian environment where students can achieve high academic standards, and be trained for a life of service to God’s will for their life.

We want to encourage these young people who are entrusted to our care to be completely surrendered to the will of God through the leading of the Holy Spirit. We shall maintain high moral standards and discipline in our students. We shall instill devotion to the Word of God and an uncompromising stand for God and country.

Bible Based Education

We provide a thoroughly Christian environment that will instill devotion to the Word of God through the Bible basis of every class.

Academic Excellence

We strive to achieve excellence in every area of education. We perform yearly evaluations on every class that is offered here.

High Moral Standards

We expect and hold each student to a high moral standard and trust that they will have a well-disciplined life.

Surrendered to God

The students are encouraged to be completely surrendered to the will of God and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in these formative years.