In 1971, First Baptist School opened its doors for the first time. Dr. Ed Johnson, Jr., founded the school with thirty-one students enrolled in kindergarten through the fourth grade. Throughout that first year, nine more students were added bringing the total enrollment to forty students. The school has always operated under the ministry of the First Baptist Church in Rosemount.

Prior to the school’s opening, Pastor Johnson’s own child had attended Rosemount High School. He sensed an obvious conflict between the secular humanism that was in the public school at that time and a Biblical worldview that he knew was not being promoted and taught.

It was, in part, through this experience that Dr. Johnson believed God would have him to start a Christian school. He believed there was a strong need for a Christian school where students would be taught the Bible and know this Biblical worldview.

There were three teachers that first year: a kindergarten teacher, a first and second-grade teacher and a third and fourth-grade teacher. First Baptist School added the fifth and sixth grade in 1972, seventh through ninth in 1973 and tenth and eleventh grade in 1974. The school’s first graduating class was in the spring of 1976.

First Baptist School has offered Christian education for many decades and has graduated hundreds.