First Baptist School offers a secondary athletics program to our students. We believe that while sports is certainly not the only activity a student can participate in, it can be a worthwhile extra-curricular option for many students. We are pleased to offer volleyball (ladies) and soccer (guys) in the fall, basketball (ladies and guys) in the winter as well as cheerleading (ladies). In the spring we have ladies’ soccer. FBS athletics provides character-building opportunities for our students throughout each season. We teach our young people that their play is for the glory of God.


Basketball is offered in our winter months. We have both girls’ and boys’ basketball offered. We have Junior High Boys, Junior High Girls, Junior Varsity Boys, Varsity Girls, and Varsity Boys teams. Some young people will occasionally play on both a Junior Varsity and Varsity team. The competition level is very good at the Varsity level. The other teams are used for teaching and mentoring in regards to the game of basketball. The varsity teams participate in tournaments each year chosen by the Athletic Director. Usually, these tournaments are out of state, although some may be in state. The varsity teams also participate in the MACS State Basketball Tournament. This tournament is held at Fourth Baptist Christian School in Plymouth each year. The teams also participate in clinics to help teach kids the game of basketball. The young people also learn many valuable life lessons through the basketball season that eventually will help them in their future.


At First Baptist School we offer two levels of guy’s soccer. Junior high soccer consists of students in the 6th through 8th grade, and varsity consists of high school students and in rare cases, junior high players. Our season begins in early August and concludes at the end of October. The high school team participates in the MACS State Tournament to conclude the season.

Girl’s soccer season occurs in the months of April and May.



In the fall semester, volleyball is organized for the girls of junior high, junior varsity, and varsity level. Depending on how many girls decide to participate, the three teams are then determined. The season generally begins two weeks before the first day of school and ends with the MACS state volleyball tournament the last week in October. Throughout the regular season, team members participate in after-school practices, games (usually on Tuesdays and Fridays), and other activities announced by the head coach.
The time spent learning and playing volleyball teaches the students hard work, self-discipline, and social skills. The physical exercise helps keep their bodies healthy. The extra time put into practices and prior planning helps them learn to prioritize and use their time wisely. Also, spending much time with the members of their team helps build a camaraderie between girls of different classes. Although some of the students may not go on to play volleyball competitively in college or after, they can apply the concepts of responsibility, respect, and teamwork learned on the court to their future jobs and families.

General Admission¹

Student Admission

Student Admission - $2.00

Adult Admission

Adult Admission - $3.00

Adult Admission

Family Admission - $7.00

Athletic Program

 Athletic Fees

Junior High

Junior High - $125.00

Junior Varsity

Junior Varsity - $175.00

All equipment will be an additional cost to the parents of the players.

Varsity - $225.00

All equipment will be an additional cost to the parents of the players.

Program Details

Physical Examinations

Physical Examinations³

Anyone participating on one of our sports teams, beginning in 6th grade, should try to follow the Minnesota High School League guidelines (see below) for sports physical exams. Although First Baptist School is not a part of the MSHSL, we would encourage you to have your athletes examined on a regular basis.
Student Season Pass

Basketball Practice Jerseys

Reversible, basketball practice jerseys are in stock and ready to be purchased! All basketball players are encouraged to have one! The jersey is a micro mesh, reversible jersey with a red side and a white side with a Crusader Basketball logo on each side. The cost is only $12 and will probably last your child about 2-3 years, depending on how fast your kid grows! Contact the school office to purchase a practice jersey.

¹ This does not include any tournaments held at FBS.

² Purchase of a season pass will allow you into every First Baptist School HOME game, in every sport, for this entire school year.
Students and Alumni of First Baptist School do not have to pay in order to enter a game at First Baptist School.
This does not include any MACS Conference tournaments held at First Baptist School.
Mr. McKinney at the Athletic Office (612)481-4421 or purchase one at the gate.

Any student who intends to participate in high school interscholastic athletics and cheerleading activities must have on file in the school, a record of a physical examination performed within the previous three (3) years. A health questionnaire shall be completed annually and could indicate the need for a physical examination prior to participation. The signature of the parent or guardian approving participation is required. (MSHSL Athletic Eligibility Information 2004-2005)